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Supporting Your Success: Seabird College's Commitment to Students

Seabird College provides students with all required educational materials, daily nutritious meals, access to health and wellness supports, facilitated practicum placements, and employer networking opportunities; dedicated support workers assist students in overcoming personal challenges that arise during their studies; the College cultivates relationships with a diverse range of industry employers to connect graduates to relevant entry-level positions aligned with their completed program of study.

Materials and Supplies

Most courses include materials, books and supplies.

Daily Lunch

Each day students receive a healthy and nutritious lunch.

Health and Social Support

When students face difficulties, Seabird College will provide appropriate supports. This may include connecting with support workers to address specific challenges.

Practicum Placements

Where students need to attend practicum placements, Seabird College will connect you with an employer that can best support your learning.

Employer Connections

Seabird College works closely with a wide array of employers in each field associated with our programs. We can connect graduates with employers, often in association with Seabird Employment Services.