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Aboriginal Liaison


The certification is in ‘focusing-oriented therapy’, and is delivered in partnership with the Justice Institute of BC. Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) is a body-centred and person-centred approach to healing, developed three decades ago at the University of Chicago by Dr. Eugene Gendlin. FOT allows clients total control of the pace and the direction of their healing journey. It is particularly effective in the treatment and healing of complex trauma caused by accident, sexual, physical, emotional abuse or neglect. FOT has been especially well received in Aboriginal communities because of its humanistic, person-centred approach to healing, which reflects the core values of respect and non-interference.


Adult Dogwood


Duration: 120 hours or 49.5 weeks Level: BC Adult Dogwood Certificate or BC Dogwood Certificate Seabird Adult Education under Seabird Island Community School (Adult Education Program) provides courses which are part of the B.C. Adult Dogwood or a BC Dogwood certificate programs. Adults who have not graduated (non-graduated adults) may take courses leading to the British [...]


Adult Upgrading


Adult Upgrading Duration: 49.5 weeks Level: BC Adult Dogwood Certificate or BC Dogwood Certificate Seabird Adult Education under Seabird Island Community School (Adult Education Program) provides courses which are part of the B.C. Adult Dogwood or a BC Dogwood certificate programs.  Adults who have not graduated (non-graduated adults) may take courses leading [...]


Carpentry and Construction


This program prepares students for entry into the carpentry trade and provincial apprenticeship program. Carpentry and Construction Workers learn how to read and interpret drawings, use specialty equipment, site and building layout, build concrete forms, frame a building as well as interior and exterior detailing. Students learn to build and repair a variety of structures made of wood, wood-substitutes and other materials. Graduates may choose to further their education by working towards Carpentry Red Seal certification.


Construction Craft Worker

Construction Craft Worker: Course completed for 2018. Offered in partnership with Thompson Rivers University. Nine students successfully completed this program when it was offered in April-May 2018. If you are interested in taking this program the next time it is offered, contact our office to go on the interest list. This 120-hour program [...]


Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO)


This program is designed to provide foundations training for entry level employment as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Students will receive the theoretical and practical skills needed to become an entry-level heavy equipment operator. Heavy Equipment Operator is an Industry Training Authority designated program which includes a minimum of 120 hours of technical training on a variety [...]


Heavy Mechanical Foundations Program


The Heavy Mechanical Foundations Program teaches students to service and repair commercial equipment such as trucks, crawlers units and farm tractors. Basic skills learned include: Using specialty equipment, Starting and moving selected vehicles, Servicing hydraulic systems, truck components, track type equipment, Servicing working attachments, gas and diesel engine support systems, Servicing air-brake systems, Basic oxy-acetylene and arc welding


Licenced Practical Nursing (LPN)


Graduates of this program will provide a caring environment for clients, provide person-centered care across the lifespan, make systematic practice decisions that are client specific and consider client acuity, complexity, variability, and available resources. They will be able to use critical thinking clinical judgement and knowledge of assessment to plan, implement and evaluate the agreed upon plan of care. They will practice in collaboration with other health care team members.


Professional Cook Level 1

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The Professional Cook Level 1 program provides comprehensive technical and hands-on training to gain the skills necessary to work in a commercial kitchen. Upon successful completion, graduates can pursue Industry Training Authority designation, and begin work towards to attaining their Red Seal certification. This 10 month program that provides over 800 hours of instruction, and includes 120 hours of workplace based practicum hours.


Welder Foundations

This 28-week program is designed to provide foundations training for welding. The welding program will occur at Seabird Island utilizing Thompson Rivers University mobile welding unit. Partner: University of the Fraser Valley.


Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing

Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Scheduled to run in 2019! Stay tuned, contact our office to be put on the interest list! COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: ACA 01 - Occupational Skills and Shop Safety (1 week): Describe safe work practices, shop safety procedures, waste product handling, Workplace Hazardous Materials [...]