Privacy policy & records retention policy

///Privacy policy & records retention policy
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Privacy policy & records retention policy

Seabird College collects students’ personal information for the following reasons:

  • To maintain student records as required by PCTIA.
  • To keep students/graduates informed of activities of the school.
  • To issue T2202 As in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency.
  • To keep funders aware of student achievement and attendance.

Student information will be kept private and confidential unless authorized in writing by the student. Students’ personal information will not be used for any other purpose than those listed above. Aggregate data will be used for statistical collection purposes.

For all full career training programs: Seabird College will retain the full student file for a period of seven (7) years following the student’s withdrawal, dismissal or graduation. After seven years, the full student record will be destroyed using a secure destruction method.

Seabird College will uploads a copy of the students’ contract, transcripts and credential (if any) to an approved third-party vendor. These records will be retained for a period of fifty-five (55) years by the third-party vendor.


  1. Student personal information is collected throughout the student’s attendance at the institution. All required information regarding the student is placed in the student file.
  2. Student files containing personal information are safely stored in locking file cabinets and access to the student files is limited to the appropriate administrative staff, the Senior Education Administrator, and the College Owner.
  3. When a student leaves the school either by withdrawal, dismissal or graduation a transcript is prepared showing the marks achieved in the courses completed. If the student has completed all courses within the program of study, a program credential is also prepared. These documents are signed by the College’s Senior Education Administrator and copies of the signed documents are placed in the student file.
  4. Within 30 days of the student leaving school, copies of the Enrolment Contract, Transcript and Diploma for full career training programs are sent to the third-party vendor for long-term storage.
  5. After documents are sent for long-term storage, the full student file is placed in “inactive” student storage for one year.
  6. At the end of one year, the student file is placed in “closed” storage for a further six years.
  7. At the end of the seven-year period, the full student file may be destroyed using a secure destruction method.

Procedure for student access to the information on file:

  1. Students wishing to access the information in the student file must make the request in writing.
  2. The Senior Educational Administrator will meet with the student to review the file and will provide copies of any document the student requests.

Procedure for authorizing release of information:

  1. If a student wishes to authorize a third party to access information in his/her student file, he/she must do so in writing.
  2. The school will not release information to any person other than people authorized by the student to access information unless required to do so by legislation, a subpoena, court order or if release of information is necessary as part of an ongoing police investigation.

Date of revision: June 6, 2011     |     Implementation: September 1, 2011     |     Person responsible: Director of Education